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Sunday School Songs

This page contains piano accompaniments to songs for use in Sunday School lessons and other worship activities.  Click the link to play the music.

When used for this purpose the performances recorded here are covered by the church's CCLI licence 48308

Songs marked <<<<<<<<<< are ones the Sunday School children are currently learning.


BoW 001a  Blessed is the man

BoW 066    Come, everyone, and join with us

BoW 072    Hail to the LORD's anointed

BoW 099    The LORD God reigns in majesty

BoW 103a  Praise, my soul, the King of heaven

BoW 116a   What shall I render to the LORD

BoW 122    My heart was glad to hear the welcome sound

BoW 150b  Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

BoW 157    Give to our God Immortal praise

BoW 164    Holy! Holy! Holy! Lord God Almighty!

BoW 279    Silent Night (1 verse)

BoW 279    Silent Night (4 verses)

BoW 332    Rejoice, the Lord is King

BoW 385    To God be the glory

BoW 405    When Israel was in Egypt's land

BoW 415     Abide with me

BoW 429    Seek ye first the kingdom of God   <<<<<<<<<<

BoW 439    Father God in heaven

BoW 441    Guide me, O my great Redeemer

BoW 523    Glory be to the Father

BoW 525    Now unto Him who is able to keep

BoW 526    Now to the King of heaven

BoW 527    You are worthy

BoW 528    To God be the glory

BoW 529    To Him who sits upon the throne

BoW 530    Praise God, you angel hosts above

BoW 532    Now blessed be the LORD our God  <<<<<<<<<<

BoW 533    Praise God from Whom all blessings flow


SBoW 095  My heart is filled with thankfulness  (Lyrics HERE)

SBoW 105  You're the Word of God the Father  (Lyrics HERE)

SBoW 163  His Mercy is More  (Lyrics HERE)

SBoW 164  A Rich Young Man (Simple Living)  (Lyrics HERE)

SBoW 167  Jesus, strong and kind  (Lyrics HERE)