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Don't Waste Your Life

Most people want to make good use of their time and talents. Not many of us want to waste what we have.

But too many people come to the end of their lives with sadness and regret that they have not made better use of their time. They feel that they have wasted their life. Or at least, have wasted a lot of opportunities.

If we are going to avoid wasting our lives, we need to know the purpose of our lives. Why was I born? What am I here on earth for?

Big questions. With big answers.

And the very best place to find those answers is in the Bible. The Bible is not an ordinary book. It is God’s revelation of who He is, and who we are.

The Bible sets the standard for living a life that isn’t wasted. And it also shows us that we can’t live a life like that by ourselves. In fact, there is so much that’s wrong with us – the Bible calls it ‘sin’ – that by ourselves we aren’t able to please God at all. But the Bible also tells us that God has not left us without help and without hope.

Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, became man to pay the price of sin, and to reconcile sinful people to God. While we were sinners, Christ died for us.

We will continue to waste our lives until we learn that we need Christ to make us right with God. And then, by faith we can live in ways that do please God. And that’s a life that isn’t wasted!

Is that confusing? Difficult? Challenging?

We’d love to explain more to you about what the Bible teaches. Come along to our public services on Sunday mornings and evenings. Or give us a call, and we’d be pleased to spend time with you. And if you don’t have a Bible, we’d like to give you one. Just ask us.

How are you going to spend today? And the rest of this year? And the rest of your life?

Don’t waste it.

Please view our brochure "Don't Waste Your Life", available in 5 languages for your convenience: