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3 May Worship Services

Join us for worship using the resources here.  

MORNING WORSHIP -  3 May 2020 am - He Is Risen (John 20:1-23) Isaac Overton 

                                     -  link to the YouTube video :

                                     -  Hymns and  Children's Worksheet

                                     -  Family & Personal Bible Study John 20:1-23

EVENING WORSHIP  -  3 May 2020 pm - From Sinful Lust to Sanctified Love (Hosea 3) Isaac Overton

                                    -  link to the YouTube video

                                    -  Hymns 

                                    -  Family & Personal Bible Study Hosea 3

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY THIS WEEK -  Thanks to, the animated film of John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress is available this week to watch on-line at no cost.  You can access this offer at: