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24 May Worship Services

Join us for worship using the resources here.  

MORNING WORSHIP -  audio recording -  24 May 2020 am - SERVICE (1 John 3 & 4) Isaac Overton

                                     -  YouTube video :

                                     -  Hymns 20200524 am Hymns

                                     -  Childrens' Worksheets  Children's Worksheet 24 May 2020

                                     -  Family & Personal Bible Study NOT YET LOADED

EVENING WORSHIP  -  audio recording - 24 May 2020 pm - SERVICE (Hosea 5) Isaac Overton

                                    -  YouTube video

                                    -  Hymns - 20200524 pm Hymns

                                    -  Family & Personal Bible Study NOT YET LOADED


SPECIAL NOTE FROM WORLD TRANSFORM -   India presents massive social upheaval and desperate human suffering amongst the poorest during the current pandemic lockdown.  There has been a great response to World Transform's emergency relief appeal, and we want to express our thanks to so many who have given so generously. By God's grace the gifts of love that came so quickly have enabled over 22,000 people to have a week of food. 

Please see this short video about the program: